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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Did so little? Petty? Oh man, you haven't the slightest idea...
Ah, do you intend to tell me the prostitutes they spent their money on were worth something? Did the clients recruit them for their own organizations to advance themselves beyond the walls of their brothels? If so, there is room for understanding.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Psh, you woulda done nothing about it.
This is a very strong display of naivity. You must not realize who I am. Learn about me and the salvagers of my time. Do not insult your own intelligence by making such effortless remarks.

What are federated products?

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Gerevick, oddly, I can hear your voice speaking all of your posts. It is quite interesting...

You seem like a much more righteous dude than your events in our confrontation at the Enclave led me to believe. I really felt justified in relieving you of your limbs, and only modesty in front of my Padawan's spared you from more suffering... I am a little Katarn that way, I guess.

Honestly, that you have survived is nothing short of a miracle. Yet it is inspiring that you seem to have taken a turn for the better.

Ever heard of Federated Products?
So, your spirit has travelled as mine has? What is it you do on this world? As I have told you, it´s very unwise to stand in my way. If our paths cross again, I promise the outcome will be different.

I fought on the battlefield. I retired to embrace a life of discovery and profit. I carve my own path in life and am better for it.

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