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Originally Posted by Gerevick View Post
What are federated products?
From another movie of the current space/time, "Go"
Originally Posted by Gerevick View Post
So, your spirit has travelled as mine has? What is it you do on this world? As I have told you, it´s very unwise to stand in my way. If our paths cross again, I promise the outcome will be different.
Well, here's the rub on that one.... I have not travelled spiritually but mentally, involved in a video game immersive enough to feel connected with my PC, yet still just a dude in a chair. I have encountered you as a character in said game, and there handled you like a rag doll, and according to the game log, killed you. You are persistent through different playthroughs, so there is something about you that is hard to kill, I will admit that.

As for standing in your way, in this forum it is hard to do so, and I have no interest in doing so either way! I think you are managing just fine on your own If we were to cross paths in RL, I give you the advantage maybe.... my force powers don't work, neither does my lightsaber, and I don't want to go to jail..... AGAIN!

Plus, I think you are Mad-Dog crazy.

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