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No moolah to make the move otherwise I'd have done it already!

Lots of cool news happening this week though, found an article that has a few rolled into one: Clicky

An iPhone Mini sounds very attractive for the Pay as You Go crowd (to which I now belong too thanks to redundancy), but if any HTC product out there is better at the same price level I'd still get it first [/fanboy]

Nokia and Windows isn't 2 things I would have put together a few months ago but there you have it, lets hope it can boost both Windows' competitiveness with Android and Nokia's with HTC/Samsung/Apple.

I'm a bit sceptical about the new HTC Desire leaks, but I'd love to see one as awesome as the original Desire (which I own and is inherently the best smartphone ever!), and a Super Amoled screen does sounds sweet, not keen on the touchscreen hardware buttons though.

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