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Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
I wouldn't worry about it just yet, it's not going to be completed any time soon. I'm not blessed with the same amount of free time as I enjoyed whilst working on Solomon's Revenge, haha.
Well, neither do I
I'm a working class average Joe now: not a fancy 3D game student... who can make time

Boy, times change quickly

Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
It's going to be an interesting project I think. There's definitely less constrain on storytelling when compared to a mod, and when developing content (eg: models, new areas) you don't have to worry about getting it working in KoTOR, unless of course you choose too, as anybody who contributes towards the project in terms of models/maps are free to distribute them as mods or use as portfolio work or whatever.
True, though there are other challegens then to tackle, mainly cutting down render times, but still having very nice pictures, there's a whole other pipe-line to be setup to get stuff rolling out in a nice pace

Plus this something I've been thinking about, to do, but I'm not a writer, so I never get far.

Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
16 issues scripted so far though. The story is split into 3 acts, with the first 2 more or less complete, so I'm guessing when it's all done there's going to be around 24-27 issues.
Man, what's the page count on one issue?
It'll be a nice challenge to convert all that text to a story board.
I'm in for some drawing, it's been like ages since I did anything serious with that. And I consider my pencils skills better then my 3D skills

Note that I ain't Da Vinci or Raphael

Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
And if anybody is interested the full title is: Brotherhood of Shadow: Legacy of Sin.
Sin, ey... and a Twi'lek as lead character...

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