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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Well, neither do I
I'm a working class average Joe now: not a fancy 3D game student... who can make time

Boy, times change quickly

True, though there are other challegens then to tackle, mainly cutting down render times, but still having very nice pictures, there's a whole other pipe-line to be setup to get stuff rolling out in a nice pace

Plus this something I've been thinking about, to do, but I'm not a writer, so I never get far.

Man, what's the page count on one issue?
It'll be a nice challenge to convert all that text to a story board.
I'm in for some drawing, it's been like ages since I did anything serious with that. And I consider my pencils skills better then my 3D skills

Note that I ain't Da Vinci or Raphael

Sin, ey... and a Twi'lek as lead character...
Page wise, you're looking at around 25-30 per issue. Although it's worth keeping in mind that this sort of thing is very context sensitive. For example, you might have half an issue entirely focused within a single area with the same set of characters. It's not something that will become entirely clear until after the script is finished and I can start working on figuring how this all fits together in terms of panels and pages.

Also, I'm not sure if I made this clear, but the comic book will be constructed using ingame assets from K1/K2, and obviously, assets created exclusively for the comic. Along the lines of this, actually.

In terms of how development will be structured, it's not 100% clear yet, but it's going to be something like the following:

- I complete the script.
- I storyboard the layout and content of the comic book on a panel by panel, page by page, issue by issue basis.
- That will give whomever decides they want to contribute towards the project a good idea of what is needed (For example, one advantage of this format is that a new area may only ever be seen from a certain angle, so there isn't a need to create an entire area, only bits here and there depending on the panel requires)
- Then it's just a matter of me bringing everything together in photoshop.

Although like I previously mentioned, there's still a few technical issues which I need to solve. For example, the issue with creating decent looking facial expressions on character models, or should I say, the difficulty of it. :P

As for the title, it's not as straightforward as say "Solomon's Revenge", but it does accurately represent the numerous themes and events depicted in the story. It's primarily focused around Sera Degana, Kobayashi, the Orion, and a host of new characters. However, since the storyline takes place in between K1 and K2, don't be too surprised to see some (meaningful) cameos from both games.

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