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Ahhh the JK series... good times!!!

As far as i remember, the random Reborn fights you get through the game in JA were harder then the ones in JO, the fights were more predictable with only single saber and less specials and the number of Shadowtroopers wasn't so big.
In JA i remember saving after every battle because i knew i could die soon.

The bosses however, they were major pains in JO while they were nothing special, no different than an ordinary grunt in JA, only exception Kyle. (still, a lot easier than taking Desann head on however).

Taking on Desann like a man (no vortex, no tricks) was a biiiiiiig challenge...

Obs: If you just want to take him down, use red style and turn on force speed before you jump down to face him, apparently, if you engage him with speed already turned on he doesn't detect that you are on speed and doesn't turn his on lol, very cheap and painless way to kill the beast.

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