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"I've done a bit of research on it. From what I can tell, they've been around as long as the Republic in its current form. I have no idea what the name means, but I'm guessing it's something they coined themselves, because while I've found mentions of similar organisations in the Old and New Republics, the earliest reference to Echelon 5 itself dates around 50 ABY." Iyav explained.

"Devising a cure, or even just a countermeasure would expend the sample I have, and that'll be easy for anyone to obtain. They'd want it for something else, like modifying it so it can be more safely deployed, or turning it into some sort of augmentation drug." Lenatha suggested.

"This man from Echelon 5, as you call it, was not the only individual you encountered there, was he?" Lt. Arnas inquired.

"No, he was not. Nor was he any danger to us. The real threat was a Sith Lord known as Darth Pestilus. He was the one behind the bio-weapon, not the New Empire. He knew exactly how unstable it was, and that the New Empire would do just as much damage to themselves with it as they would to the Republic." Kalla explained. Why is he trying to divert our attention away from Echelon 5? She thought.

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