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"It was a whole squad," Tavaryn said, clearly weary of the whole ordeal. Yet he still had enough sense to know that something was up with the ship's lieutenant. "A whole squad that Jedi Alriana and I encountered."

Jun-la knew this whole debriefing was taxing on everyone involved. She added, "Darth Pestilus made it clear that he was out to get the Republic yet he is not traditionally Sith. When we fought, he drained me of energy but left me alive rather than have me at his mercy and kill me. Perhaps this Echleon 5 knows about him more than we do and may be looking at things for the Republic's advantage though it is an off the books mission."

Tonatius could sense Kalla's questioning of Lt. Arnas' diversion of the subject and admired Tavaryn and Jun-la's attempt to keep it at the forefront. He thought to himself, 'Perhaps there are members of the fleet who know more about this mission than others." Through the Force he sent, Perhaps he knows a member of this group moi chroi or he is under orders to protect them at all costs.

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