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I'm suspicious too, but even if Echelon 5 is rather dubious, we're not exactly enemies, and what we know about Pestilus is important, regardless of Echelon 5's involvement. Kalla sent back.

"There's more about this Sith Lord. As you know, since the end of the Resurrection War, we've believed that the Sith are limited in their numbers to no more than a dozen, but he claimed that they are much more numerous, and he made reference to what he called the 'Undying Sith Empire'." She added.

"Do you have any concrete evidence to support his claims?" The captain asked.

"Nothing concrete, but there's no logic in Pestilus betraying the New Empire unless he has the resources and followers elsewhere to pose a threat to the Republic." Kalla pointed out.

"She has a valid point, Captain." Lt. Arnas commented.

"I'm sorry, but the Senate is going to need more than just a valid point to divert forces to address an unconfirmed threat." The captain replied.

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