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Ackbar. Command Level.

Belina looked up from the console she was repairing as Tavaryn's voice came in over the comnlink. She took her hand away from the console just as a spark came flying out. She easily ducked it and turned toward Garja and shook her head. "The Ackbar seriously needs to be put into drydock for a month or two after all the combat it's seen."

Garja nodded in agreement. "As soon as Jedi Alriana arrives we can hopefully take this ship to drydock.

"Belina, this is Tavaryn. I am curious if you have anything available in the fleet that I can do. Even if it's janitorial services that is fine."

Belina thought for a moment...and an idea slowly came to mind and a large grin appeared on her face.

"Actually Tavaryn...I have a position I think would be perfect for you. The Ackbar could use someone who knows hand to hand combat and is willing to teach combat classes to those who would like to learn. A few of the crew have been asking about possibly having combat classes and I think you would be perfect for the job. If your willing to accept of course."

Belina crossed her fingers. The crew of the Ackbar were among the best of the best and it would be good for the crew if they had a combat class instructor. But then her smile turned to a frown. The Ackbar's sister ship, the Katarn needed a new security chief as their last one had been killed around five days ago during a skirmish with pirates.

"There is another position aboard the Katarn which is the Ackbar's sister ship. Their head security officer was killed a few days ago and they really need a new one."
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