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Figured I would post here, to see if anyone had any advice for this issue. I originally posted in this thread, Thank you, by the way, for this resolution solution.

Basically my native resolution is 1680 x 1050. With the vanilla KOTOR2 there's not an option for that, so I came looking for a similar widescreen fix as in KOTOR1 and found this thread. Everything works just fine, except for the movies.

Now, with KOTOR1, the movies were actually blown up to fit my resolution. This made them a bit pixelated, but it wasn't anything terrible, as I've played the game before. So imagine my surprise when this wasn't the case for KOTOR2. Yes, I downloaded and installed the high res versions, which look great in the BINK player.

If I go into windowed mode, the movies are the proper size; however windowed mode looks crappier than normal, so that's not an option for me. This affects all "movies," including the beginning logos and such. Very strange.

It's not a huge deal, as again I've played the KOTOR games before, but certainly I would love to find a solution. Any advice or direction to go in is welcome, thank you.
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