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B5M7: Fighting Marauder Corvettes

It's been a long time since I played X-Wing on my Dad's Quadra 610 but some how I'm addicted to the last game of the series all over again...I guess it's just a great game. Anyway I ended up stuck raiding the Hurrim base.
My trouble is really with fighting the two M/CRVs in the level; the prey birds and static defenses I can handle and the ISDII will soon be nothing against my developing Force Run. But how do you guys fight Marauder Corvettes?
Even in the simulator I haven't developed a good strategy - I always take hits from the laser turrets as soon as I angle my weapons towards the corvette. My wing mates don't seem very effective against the M/CRV either since they mostly just sit in one place futilely firing torpedoes into a cloud of laser fire.
Hints for the mission or general anti-M/CRV strategy would be greatly appreciated.
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