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"I will organise a Team for you, under the condition that a Jounin be selected for leading the epionage, of couse."

Takeda nodded his head slowly. Sure he had preferred to do things on his own, but a team might not be so bad. The samurai respected him, and he was honored by this.

"Takeda may accompany you as well, seeing as he is took a good role in the defences. Its logical of course to send you, because all of you have witnessed it first hand."

Takeda raised an eyebrow at this. Had the Hokage mixed up his words? No, he clearly said that Takeda could accompany the group as in, in addition to the selected Jonin. Karela had been given praise upon being absent for a year, and the Hokage's respect.

"Why send a team for this? I could easily return to the village, and get to the bottom of this. A team would only slow me down," Takeda said, allowing his emotionless lone wolf attitude to resurface.
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