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Naruto was not at all pleased to hear Takeda's particular choice of words. Words that were all too familiar.

"In case you forgot Takeda, these enemy shinobi seem to have tricks and jutsu that we've never seen before. If they managed to bring Zarela back from the dead then they may have brought more of them back. And we have no idea how many would be back at Akagi's village."

"That is essentially the concept of Team Work, you of all people should understand Takeda. With allies by your side, you gather the strength you need. Working alone will have you facing difficult situations where you are forced to get out of your own way."

Naruto crossed his fingers and eyed Takeda. "Here's an example: I'm a bad guy. I hold you at knife point. I tell Karela to kill an innocent child, or you will die."

"A close friend of mine once chose this path. He became one of the most notorious, dangerous people of the Shinobi World, and I was forced to kill him. Dont make the same mistake as he did."
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