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"No she wouldn't," Tavaryn countered, trying to ignore the blush for Alriana's sake. "Belina is fair and knows war. She trusted you to be in command in her absence. She knows that you would make the best possible choice."

They had reached the turbolift and Tavaryn opened it. Giving the lift it's directions, he let out the breath he was holding and leaned against the wall of the lift. Taking deep breaths hurt a little too much with what he was sure was cracked and nearly fried insides. He smiled to alleviate any concern Alriana would have and said, "I guess I'll be hiding from the CMO for the rest of this trip," making light of the fact that he would do anything to stay away from a bacta tank.


The Chaser rocked as it took one of three hits. The captain of the vessel asked for the report. The pilot said, "Three proton torpedoes, one direct hit. Shields down to 60% and structural integrity is holding. Minor fluctuations in the power grid."


"Still functional sir," came over the comm.

The captain then said, "Tactical, prepare to fire. Take the shots you can. Helm you will execute the Omega maneuver."

The pilot looked at the captain and grinned, "Yes sir."

Today may be a good day to die.

The Chaser did and about face and headed straight towards the vessel at a manaical speed. The turbolasers locked on and were firing. The ship was not going to stop from the looks of it.

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