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Tavaryn chuckled. "The last time we talked about bacta, I was in a similar situation," he glanced at his left shoulder, "Except in this case I ended up with a hole from a sniper rifle and deep fried insides." He gave a short laugh as he rested against the wall. He found out in the past two years that humor was a good stress reliever.

"I hope the bridge crew is alright." Alriana said quietly. "That ship we were fighting had weapons I've never seen before and they were targeting the bridge."

Tavaryn thought a moment and said, "Well take out the bridge and you can take out the ship." He then had a moment of panic as he realized that if Alriana had been on the bridge and it were destroyed, then she would have died too. The thought of it sent a spasm across his chest. At the moment, he was glad that leaning against the wall hid it or he could attribute it to his injuries. It seemed forever until they reached the bridge level.

When the door opened, Tavaryn stepped out first. He had strapped his sword to his belt and was carrying his lightsaber in his hand. He looked around to make sure that there were no enemies about before motioning that it was okay to come out. He cleared the way to the bridge door and tapped on it. He said, "Looks like it's been sealed. I suppose you have the codes to bypass lockdown?"


The Chaser continued on its course even though the barrage of firepower was coming at them. The captain stood on his bridge looking and said, "Release the torpedo."

The order was given and the tactical officer pressed a button. If anything, it would give the enemy considerable damage and it was locked on. Nothing would deter it.

The Chaser hurtled toward the enemy fire as it released its final weapon. The sun would set upon the Chaser but it will give one helluva last stand.

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