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"Looks like it's been sealed. I suppose you have the codes to bypass lockdown?"

Alriana moved past Tavaryn and nodded. "Since I've been on board the Admiral has changed the code twice at my request." She entered the code and the bridge doors slid open and Alriana quickly rushed in.

The bridge was a mess, but at least it was still there.

"Hello? Is anyone still alive up here?"

A half dozen heads popped up and then science officer Koral and the others sighed in relief. "Jedi Haltra! We assumed that you were dead! I'm glad to see I was mistaken."

He then looked over at Tavaryn and then looked back at Alriana. "Excuse me Jedi Haltra, but may I ask who your friend is? I don't think I've seen him before."

Varith's tactical computer started beeping showing that the enemy ship had gotten a lock on him. He knew that he would most likely have to draw on the force to help him out of this because whoever this pilot was, he was good.

Releasing spare!

Varith's fighter shot upward just as the torpedo soared toward him and it left a trail of spare parts in it's wake. hopefully it would be enough to confuse the torpedo and allow him to get away.

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