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Tavaryn raised a brow. He was not surprised that he wasn't that well known. It was a big ship after all and he suspected that Belina may have hand picked which men she wanted trained under him. He answered, "Tavaryn Onashi, hand to hand combat and weaponsmaster. My understanding is that it is about the equivalent of a lieutenant." Then as if to reassure the officer he said, "Don't worry. I think few know I actually exist on board outside those who trained under me."

Just then Selene burst onto the bridge brandishing her weapon accompanied by a couple of Tavaryn's men and one other Mandalorian soldier. She looked around ready to shoot. Tavaryn had to make a leap to prevent the bridge crew from firing at them. "Whoa there! It's okay. Friendlies."

"Damn straight," Selene remarked as she removed her helmet. "Whew taking out Sith is my idea of fun."

Tavaryn gave a slight eye roll. He muttered to her under gritted teeth, "Couldn't you have been a little less enthusiastic?"

Selene looked at him and said loudy while giving him a pat that sent a pain spasm across his ribs, "This is battle mate. Besides, this was our last stop. The ship is all cleared of Sith. Just reporting in to your pretty Jedi friend. All clear Jedi Alriana, need any further assistance? Repair crew?"


Tonatius noticed the figures and said, "Relax. Tribesmen warming up. Ignore it and listen to my voice."

Taryn had moved so that he was in a good view in front of Andorra. She would have to watch him once she figured it out. Proper movement was important.

Tonatius nodded and continued, "Close your eyes. Free your mind. Listen to the water. Feel it splash over your skin. Let it speak to you, to your soul." He then became silent. This was something that she had to do with minimal distraction.

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