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Despite herself, Andorra began to laugh. "I--I'm so sorry, Cousin! All that the water seems to be telling me right now is that I'm cold and wet, and shivering like it was the middle of winter! My underclothes are clinging to--!"

Then it hit her. Vortex was the first word that came to her mind, and then swirling. Pool. Current. She closed her eyes in the midst of the silence, and then another thought came. Andorra decided to voice it aloud:

"The current's too strong. How am I supposed to control the water with my mind? I don't have the ability to use the Force anymore. It got lost when I began to let go of Darth Virul and his possession. That was the exchange I had to make--my power for my life, and my humanity. The water speaks to me, but as a guide, not as something to be manipulated. What to do now?"
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