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"Please Cousin, don't you remember lesson one about the Force? The Force is in all of us, though for some a barely measurable whisper," Taryn replied annoyed.

Tonatius held up his hand to forestall anything else Taryn might say. He said in the same gentle tones that sounded like water running down a brook, almost as if he were the water speaking to her, "It is not the Force that bends us youngling. Bending comes from within, deep in you soul. We are not manipulated, we are bended. Touch us and feel the current through your fingers move with it."

Taryn listened to the conversation with interest. He could hear water and converse with it in his mind but never was able to speak for it. He briefly wondered what it was like to speak for water but it was telling him to listen right now.

Tonatius continued to speak for water, trying to reach Andorra, "Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron. It is life and it is death."

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