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"This is battle mate. Besides, this was our last stop. The ship is all cleared of Sith. Just reporting in to your pretty Jedi friend. All clear Jedi Alriana, need any further assistance? Repair crew?"

"I think we could use a repair crew to work on the hyperdrive and the weapons. After that the Ackbar is most likely going to be stuck in drydock for awhile while we repair the damage to the hull."

She turned toward the bridge crew and began to issue orders. "Now that those enemy ships are gone we can begin sending troops down to the planet to show the sith that we mean business." She activated the ship wide communications system and began speaking.

"Attention all troops! This is jedi Haltra. As of now Sith forces have landed on Avalon and are attempting to take the planet. All troops are to report to the landing craft and drive the sith forces away once you land. Once you are on the surface you are also ordered to locate Admirals Belina and Garja. That is all."

"Admiral, we are getting reinforcements. We should fall back to the keep at Stone Bend."

Belina motioned Garja over and then nodded. "By now, the Ackbar should be dispatching troops. As soon as I find my comnlink I'll instruct them to land at Stone Bend with your permission."
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