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Governor Starlighter, nodded and tossed over a comlink to Belina. "You can use this." She then brandished her short sword and scanned the terrain. "There are more troops at the keep and I believe we will have help from Lord Tristan."


Caleos had watched the exchange between the two warriors and could tell that the Bushida warrior was clearly agitated that someone threatened his mate and would have probaly engaged in a fight to the death. He watched as the nobleman dragged out his family and thought it for the best since it was obvious that there would be a war within the ranks as well as with the enemy. He spoke up to Kalla, "Jedi Kaltas, we need to organize the check in point. The various commanders will come and let us know when they are ready. I could use your help."


"No problem," Selene replied as she keyed her comm. She barked something that was a mixture of Avalonian and Mandalorian. "Davin is the best we've got. He'll rigg up enough power to reach dry dock."

"Glad to hear of it," Tavaryn muttered as he sat on a console, trying to hide his bout with pain. Selene had a way of agitating things and he wondered often if she did it on purpose, as if she was making it her personal mission to make him tough.

"Sir, do you wish us to head down to the surface as well?" One of his men looked at him expectantly.

"How many are left Tariq?"

"Lost a few with the grenade on med deck. Some injuries, easily taken care of. We're ready to go on your say so sir," Tariq replied.

Tavaryn nodded, "Round everyone up including the juniors and meet me in the hangar about 30 minutes."

"Yes sir," Tariq replied with a salute and turned on his heel to leave in a rapid retreat.

Selene watched him leave and commented, "Either they are afraid of me or they are afraid of you Shinigami. Well I'm heading back to my ship and we'll drop onto the surface. Later."

Tavaryn gave a nod and breathed a sigh of relief. He gently rotated his sore arm trying to get the muscles working despite the shoulder wound. He said to Alriana, "No rest for the weary I guess." He gave a grin but his mind spoke volumes, Barely five minutes of conversation and off to battle again. The life of a warrior I guess.

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