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"Governor Starlighter, we're en route to Avalon now. We should be rendezvousing with you in a few minutes." Iyav sent to the governor's office, which despite the damage sustained during the bombardment, still managed to maintain communications.


Kalla watched with great interest as her boyfriend and his brother instructed Andorra in the ways of Water Bending. In the five years she'd known him, including two as his girlfriend, Tonatius had never explained much of it to her. She sat next to Lenatha, and said, "This should be interesting, I don't know much about it myself."

"Tonatius never explained it to you?" Lenatha asked.

"No. It must be a closely guarded family secret or something." Kalla replied.

Changing the subject, Lenatha asked, "I know you and Andorra were girlfriends before ... Virul. Do you ever wonder what would have been happened if things were different?"

"Sometimes, but then I remember that if I hadn't lost Andorra, Tonatius and I would still just be friends, and you wouldn't be the one who married her in the end." Kalla explained.

As Caelos approached, Kalla stated, "I'll see what I can do." She then followed Caelos back to the warroom. As leader of the "group", she figured she should be there.

(I'm surprised I managed to write all this while drunk!)

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