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"There are more troops at the keep and I believe we will have help from Lord Tristan."

Belina was about to respond when her comnlink suddenly began to beep, letting her know that someone was trying to get ahold of her. She pulled the comnlink and answered it.

"Belina here."

"Admiral, this is Security officer Alriana aboard the Ackbar. I called to inform you of the situation up here. The Ackbar was attacked by sith warships and was boarded. With help from the Mandalorians we were able to clear the ship of them but the ship is badly damaged. I'm going say that the Ackbar will need to spend sometime at a shipyard to undergo repairs. I feel that I should also inform you that the Enterprise arrived and was able to figure out a weakness on the ships before being destroyed. Landing craft filled with troops are leaving the ship as we speak."

Belina cursed. She had toured the Enterprise once and had thought she had a great crew. One more tragedy that the Sith would pay for.

"Keep me updated and if those ships show up again destroy them at all costs."

"Understood Admiral."

"No rest for the weary I guess."

Alriana patted him on the back as soon as she finished speaking with Belina. "Don't worry, as soon as this battle is done I think the Admiral will let us have a bit of a break while the Ackbar is in drydock. At least thats what I've heard from some of the crew. They say that she knows when the crew needs a break."
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