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((I thought the space battle over Avalon was over. And the Katarn did arrive.))

"If I didn't know any better I would have said that Belina's assigning both of us here was done on purpose."

Alriana shook her head. Knowing Belina, it was possible that she had done it on purpose. She may have looked at their records and decided they made a good team.

"I wouldn't put it past her. Belina is the Supreme leader of the Republic fleet and she does have a sense of humor. Its possible she saw our records and saw that we worked together in the past."


The first wave of landing craft gently set down on Avalon's soil and troops began to pour out of them at once. The leader of the first wave immediatly spotted Belina and ran over to her and saluted.

"Admiral Belina. Jedi Haltra has sent down the first wave of troops and a second wave is being prepared. What are your orders?"

"Guard the area, and at the first sign of enemy movement alert me. I want scouts to go out ahead and find the enemy staging area. Report back to me once the staging sites are found."
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