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Tavaryn nodded while rubbign Alriana's hand in a massaging manner, deep in thought. Belina was clever and he had known her for quite some time. "Either that or she was trying to tell me something," he replied.

"Sir, the men have been assembled in the docking bay. Awaiting orders," Tariq commed.

Tavaryn sighed, "On my way." He stopped his massaging and looked at Alriana, "Care to join me or do you have duties here?"


Selene was confident her repair crew would get the job done and ordered her soldiers back to the ship. She was going down to the surface if it killed her. She saw that Tariq fellow that had jumped up to accompany her to the battle in the halls. He had been well trained by the Shinigami, executing the moves perfectly but with his own flare to it. It had impressed her to no end. She knew they were waiting for orders and decided to pass the time until the Shinigami got down there. She sauntered up and asked, "Waiting for your fearless leader?"

Tariq was a bit startled but replied, "Yes ma'am."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Head down and help out."

"Ah battle. A great test of character," Selene was having fun with this soldier.

"If you say so."


Taryn was the first to notice the crater hole that appeared at her fingertips. Now if only she can bring it up, he thought. Out loud he said, "Good, now try to bring it up."

He made a similar crater hole that she did and slowly had it spiral out of the hole into a long stream. "Bring it out like this."

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