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Tristian merely nodded politely. "Nonexistence must be beneficial in your line of work."

It was sheer politeness since this group of warriors may fight for the Republic but it was a possibility that the tables could be turned. He hefted a load of shot that was to be used by the catapault. It was heavy, even for an experienced artilllery man in the ranks but Tristian hefted it like it was nothing and handed it over. "Load up on that bull. Just attach the hooks."


Caelos nodded and replied, "Have you considered wearing one?" To make it clear, he added, "The promise mark is very significant to our people. I am curious if you understand what it means mainly because the maneuver he did, it was with an intent to kill."


Tavaryn smiled and stood up feeling better that he had at least a minute or two for a breather.

And wait...what happened to that ship that the sith was using? Did we manage to get it?"

Tavaryn reached for his comm. "Selene."

"Yeah what do want Shinigami?"

"Any word on that enemy Sith ship? The one that got away when you pulled in?"

"Give me a moment."

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