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"He explained it to me, but it didn't seem appropriate for me to get one, since I'm not Avalonian." Kalla explained. "But if his wearing one shows how much I mean to him, I suppose it's only right that I return the sentiment. First chance I get. Now, I'm going to need to speak with Lord Tristan about our plan of defence. Any word of Guardsmen being brought down from orbit?"


"Lord Pestilus, we have arrived in orbit around Dromund Kaas. Your shuttle is standing by in Port Hangar Four. The Oblivion is a few minutes behind us." Commander Karath pointed out.

"Excellent. Instruct Lady Inferna to join me in the Council Chambers when she arrives." Darth Pestilus replied, leaving for the hangar.

Dromund Kaas, Sith Council

"The attack on Avalon was a success. Most of the major cities have been destroyed, along with one of the Republic's Star Destroyers." Darth Pestilus explained to the council.

"Excellent. Our spies in the New Empire have informed me that they have access to the data we need, and will transmit the moment we are ready." Darth Sykal added.

"And we will be when we have gained the trust of the Republic Senate. Everything is going as planned." Pestilus commented.

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