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Caelos smiled. He replied, "It would have been appropriate. He chose you and by wearing it, it signals to others that he is spoken for. Many sentients do not know how our people are especially after the Explorers ventured towards the Core Worlds ages ago. In fact, Lord Tristan's sister's husband was not from our world yet he is considered one of us."

Caelos paused to finish checking in the last commander. He then said, "Speaking of Lord Tristan, he is more likely supervising the artillery loading. His favorite animal is the katarn and he admires their strength and resilience. Come, we must give him the report." Caelos beckoned Kalla to follow. They walked along the river and past where Tonatius and Taryn were teaching Andorra to water bend.

Caelos commented, "A lost art here on Avalon but the water world is ripe with benders. Did you know that some of the tribesmen can been an element as well?"


The torpedo hit the debris that had been released but it provided good cover for the Chaser. At the last second, the pilot did a maneuver that dropped the ship downward at a 90 degree angle and an insane speed and it righted itself firing a couple of shots aimed right at the engines.

The captain was grinning at the thrill when the comm signaled from the Ackbar. It was Lady Selene. He said, "Still after Sith vessel. Looks like it might be heavily damaged. We'll keep at it till we get em."

Selene replied, "Good work. Out." She then signaled Tavaryn, "The Chaser is giving chase. and still at it."

Tavaryn replied, "Thanks." To Alriana he said, "Well looks like Slene's pilots will be having fun for awhile if this guy is that good." He then took the sleeve of her robe and tugged as he walked towards the turbolift.

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