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"Well looks like Slene's pilots will be having fun for awhile if this guy is that good."

"As long as they manage to get him. I'd like to see him in the brig until we can drop him off somewhere where he can never harm anyone again."

Alriana smiled as she ran after Tavaryn. She was looking forward to combating the sith forces on Avalon.

Varith snarled in anger as the ship that was chasing him managed to get right behind him and hit his engines, causing heavy damage to the ship. It was now or never. His nav computer was non-operational now and it looked like he would have to make a blind hyperspace jump. But he had one thing that most pilots did not.

The force.

Varith opened himself to the force and let it guide him as he pulled back the switch that would allow him to escape to hyperspace and hopefully arrive at his homeworld of cathar.
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