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"If I may ask Hokage, do you know where Tategami is? I haven't seen him since we got back and I'd like to see him again."

"Tategami is currently within the Land of Tea conducting a mission. Though I just received word yesterday that he'll be returning ASAP to brief me on his overall mission status and results."

He pulled from his filing cabinet a document marked with logo of the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. "And speaking of Kaneda... Since his import to the Kenjustu Academy, I have been mailed his progress reports. He appears to be doing quite well; save for History Lessons (was not my strongest subject either)." Naruto smiled sheepishly. "Though they have just started giving him assignments for practical assesment."


Soaring through the clouds, a dove approached the proximity that was Konoha. It flew towards the housed perch where all the other messenger birds flew resided.

It flew passed the buildings, zoomed through the open window of the housed birds and sat on one of the open perches. A scroll with a message tied to its scaley leg, with name and address printed on the base of it. A message intended for Karela was written as follows:


Sorry I have not written in a while: I've been conducting assignments and practical assesments, and its hard work. Believe me.

I have received word of your return to Konoha. I have been informed of some recent developments: its good to hear you and Takeda have caught up. And Asuka as well. I figured I may as well join the club: they asked if I would like to join your mission as one of my first serious assignments, and I said yes. By the time you get this, I oughta arrive within the next day. Looking forward to seeing you, there is alot to catch up on.

Yours faithfully

Kaneda xox
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