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Taryn resisted the urge to laugh knowing that it might hurt his cousin's feelings. He held the column of water up while he watched her get frustrated. Tonatius though was much more kinder. He said, "You are demanding it. You need to ask it. Water is like any other sentient. Threat and ordinary politeness have their own effects. It also knows its own forms better than the masters of water. Try again to connect but this time, be patient. Show water that you are willing to learn."


Caelos paused for a moment to think about his response. He then said, "Bending of the five elements can be learned but one must have a natural talent. There are those that can do it but it is only on a small scale. Past experiences affect the ability as well. So you could say that one is born with it. It does have a tendency to run in families.

"The element one bends is sometimes reflective of the planet they are born on or where their family comes from. Your promised one's mother is from Atzlan, the water world. Name so because there is only one large land mass while the rest of the planet is water. Those from that world are more likely to be a water bender." Caelos paused to see if Kalla understood what he was trying to explain, also to see if she had any questions.


The captain of the Chaser cursed as the damaged vessel made the jump into hyperspace. He didn't look forward to repeating his failure to Selene but it had to be done. He ordered his comm officer to hail her.


Tavaryn wasn't expecting the sight when he entered the hangar bay where his old ship was kept. His men were hiding behind several crates while trying not to look afraid and Selene was hopping mad. He sighed, too tired to be playing referee but since he was one of the few that could talk to her when she was in a temper, he might as well get it done and over with. He strolled as fast as his injuries would allow and asked, "Bad day Selene?"

Selene snarled, "Yes. Looks like we're going to have to go on a chase. Your Sith Jedi made a jump into hyperspace. How he did it I have no idea and I am pissed!"

Tavaryn stiffened a bit as he glanced at Alriana. He knew now that the dark Jedi had been after her to kill her. She was still a target, not a pleasant thing to be. "Well I guess we have to deal with it when he shows up again."

"And he will. When he does, he will not sully Clan Ordo again!" Selene shook a fist in the air, having calmed down enough to order her men inside her ship. "We'll meet you at the surface."

And not a moment too soon. Tavaryn ordered his men into his ship before turning to Alriana, "You okay about the dark Jedi escaping? It's not easy being a target."

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