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"It's a basic defense manuever," Taryn replied. He bended his column of water to create a protective barrier around him. His was much more fierce and seemed to have offensive defenses built in.

"Aye. The water column is defense," Tonatius explained. "You appealed to it to teach you. As with all lessons of combat, first lessons begin with defense. Continue speaking to it. Let is guide you."

Tonatius watched intently. He remembered when he and Taryn first learned. Their mother had taught them since their father was not familiar with it. Their father did know that something was up when he caught him playing a prank on Taryn by shooting water at him but being nowhere near him. Things were different then. Watching his cousin trying to learn the art of their family brought back those memories.

As he was standing there watching, the water around his ankles swirled, almost as if it were imitating his emotions. The swirling was rhythmic and deliberate, almost as if he were anticipating what his cousin would do next.

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