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"Have there ever been any non-Avalonians known to have this ability?" Kalla asked. Changing tone, she stated, "I don't think we should keep Lord Tristan waiting any longer. Jareth, how many other Echelon 5 operatives are there on the planet?"

"I can't say." Jareth replied, being as difficult as ever.

"Now really isn't the time for secrets! How many?" Kalla retorted, starting to lose her patience.

"Oh I agree, and the reason I can't tell you is because I don't know. Best way to keep secrets from reaching the enemy." Jareth pointed.

"Then how many are you aware of?" Kalla clarified.

"Around a dozen, not counting my own team of six." He then explained.

"Thank you." Kalla replied. "Now, I've been informed that we've got a legion of Guardsmen coming down from orbit, so we'll have strength in numbers eventually, but I'll need to know what other strength we have down here."


Despite orders from her master, Darth Inferna remained on board the Oblivion, keeping an eye on the Perdition as it underwent repairs, along with the rest of the Sith fleet. When Varith's ship came out of hyperspace, she immediately hailed it, and locked weapons.

"This is Darth Inferna, Apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith. Identify yourself, or share the fate of the RSS Enterprise."

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