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Caelos replied, "Not that I know of but perhaps you should seek the loremaster when the battle is finished." He abruptly left to hand the report to Lord Tristan.

Tristan had finished the artillery supervision when Caelos approached. He read the report and said, "Good. I'll give the order to head out. Find the visitors and have them get to the keep. Inform the governor that we are on the way."

Caelos nodded and ran back to where Kalla and Jareth were. He said, "We need to round up your party. We are to head to the keep at Stone Bend. It borders the Jasilyn plains. There the Lady Governor and any warriors surviving will be there. Find your friends and meet back here. I'll round up transportation."

Without waiting for an answer, Caelos turned around and trotted off.


Tariq had never been to Avalon before and was quite unprepared for the sight. True the larger buildings had been destroyed but the beauty of the natural plant life was astounding. Despite the chaos and destruction, there was a calm about the planet. He was so caught up in his view that it took him a moment to realize that he hadn't requested a landing zone. He commed the admiral, "Wayfarer to Admiral Belina. Requesting permission to land over."


After the space battle, there was a need for troops on the ground. Haruka was in two minds about requesting permission to land on the surface. Sithspit. "Captain, requesting permission to go with a small contingent of ground troops to the surface."


It didn't take long for Tiye and Selene to meet up near the mountains that lay on the borders of the plains. It was convenient and a means to set up base camp. Tiye radioed to the Jedi Kaltas, "Tiye to Kaltas, we're here on the plains, recommend that you land near the keep."

Jun-la was relieved to see that the Ackbar was still there even though it was heavily damaged. She commed to the Ackbar, "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar, what's the situation?"


"Then I'll be there to watch your back...if Belina doesn't need me," Tavaryn replied.

When Alriana leaned against him, it startled him and it showed by the surprised look on his face that she couldn't see since her eyes were closed. It wasn't that he was adverse to physical contact, it just caught him off guard. Looking down at her, she seemed content and calm. Something that she would need before the battle.

"After we're done on the surface...There's something I want to talk to you about."

That felt like a loaded statement to his ears but he knew better than to jump the bridge before coming to it. He continued to stroke her shoulder to keep the soothing feeling along with the calm that he managed to conjure through the Force. He replied, "Whatever you want moi chroi."

He stopped stroking her shoulder and then said, "It'll be some time before getting to the surface. I'll be in the medbay doing some field dressings. Just take a breather." On an impulse, he dropped a gentle kiss on her head and turned to head to the medbay.

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