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"It'll be some time before getting to the surface. I'll be in the medbay doing some field dressings. Just take a breather."

Alriana bowed her head after Tavaryn had kissed her on the head to hide her blush. "I'll see you on the surface Tavaryn. And I'm sure that we'll both come back alive."

"Ebon Hawk to Ackbar, what's the situation?"

Science officer Koral who was the most senior ranking member of the bridge crew left hit the comn button and answered. "We've been heavily damaged by sith warships but we should be able to make it back to a drydock with emergency repairs. As of now, there are no enemy ships left but I would still advise caution just in case they come back. They have weapons we've never seen before and they managed to destroy the Enterprise
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