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"Officer Koral, do you require assistance or escort to the space station for repairs?"

"As soon as we get Admiral Garja and Supreme Commander Belina back on board we will most likely be heading for drydock. But yes...I suppose we could use an escort just in case. As we speak the hyperdrive is being repaired. We managed to collect some data on those ships that attacked us as well."

"Master Jedi, perhaps LiT could use some assistance with a field dressing."

Alriana got to her feet and nodded at Tariq. "Perhaps he could use the help. I'll be right back.

She knocked on the door that led to the medbay. "Tavaryn? Do you need any help?" She asked. She didn't want to invade his privacy while he was working on his wounds but she had heard the curse and she hadn't heard him curse before so he must have been in a good amount of pain.
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