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" all right Tavaryn?"

Tavaryn pushed the already soaked pad onto his shoulder and turned around trying to hide the bruises, thinking that was what prompted her query. He replied a little fast, "It looks worse than what it really is."

He moved to be closer to the supply of gauze pads he had brought out. When he was close enough, he tossed the bloody one aside on the table and slapped another one on. He took a look at Alriana and saw the look of concern on her face. He explained, "Sniper shot hit me. Through and through and a lot of dirt from the grenades. Been using disinfectant but looks like I'm going to have to use the herb paste from home and that is ten times worse." He pointed to a cabinet. "Paste is in there. Look for a brown bottle with my name on it." He leaned against the counter in a semi sitting position.

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