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Taryn held out Andorra's sword, handle pointed towards her. "You know cousin, I always thought Jedi were notorious for losing their lightsabers. You think I wouldn't forget your sword though I nearly carted you off from the river now would you?" He almost sounded wounded when he said it.


Tavaryn was in two minds. The benefit was that he wouldn't have to curse in front of her when it stung and worked its healing properties. His pride though was a sticking point but he knew better. He was more nervous at the thought of her touching him and what he would do.

Realizing he was applying more pressure than necessary to his shoulder, he released it slowly. Keeping the pad on, he replied, "Um. I've never had Jedi healing before. Old habit with the paste."

It was feeble at best and Tavaryn felt like a berated child. He then said softly, "You are welcome to try," and angled his body so she could reach.

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