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Tavaryn has removed the guaze to let Alriana work on his shoulder. When she touched his shoulder, it took considerable strength not to shy away. Quit it, he inwardly berated himself, You've faced worse and you're scared of a woman's touch? If it could be a vocal dialogue, it would have made for a great comedy on the HoloNet. He forgot about his embarassment as he felt the pain lessen as she healed the wound.

"I think I'm almost done. It seems that I can heal the outside and that should stop the pain for awhile but you should check and see if there is any internal damage."

Tavaryn wordlessly reached with his good arm into a nearby drawer and pulled out a handheld scanner. He expertly activated the device and held it near his injured shoulder. When it beeped, he looked at the screen. He repled in equally soft tones, "It's clean." He put the device on the table and gently rotated his arm. It was a sight better but he needed more time for it to completely heal. "Thank you," he said so softly that it was like a whisper. He then asked tentaively, "Do you mind using the scanner on my ribs? I heard them crack but then it could have been my insides frying." He held out the handheld to Alriana, "Works if you scan from the back."

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