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(No, I've had nothing to do with the Katarn)


"Wouldn't mind if you did." Kalla said to Tonatius, and joined him on their stallion. "Who else is en route so far?"

Already saddled up, Lenatha called to her wife, "Come on, I've already got one for us."


"Lady Inferna, what is the meaning of this? Your orders were to join in me reporting to the Council!" Darth Pestilus exclaimed, clearly not impressed with his apprentice.

"And I would have, were it not for the intrusion of this Cathar." Inferna explained. "He was present at the attack, has no love for the Jedi or the Republic, and shows great prowess both in lightsaber combat and with the Force."

"I see." Pestilus commented, turning to Varith, as if to size him up. "Prove yourself."

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