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"Captain enemy ships are heavily damaged. Should we send boarding parties to obtaiin surrender?"

The captain was about to respond when both of the ships suddenly disappeared. It appeared that they had cloaking devices.

"Forget about the enemy ships. I have a feeling that they have already escaped. Instead I want you to hail the Ackbar and see if they need any help, Then I want you to lead engineering and security teams to the Ackbar and offer any assistance if necessary. Prepare all grounds troops for possible enemy forces on the surface."


"Do you mind using the scanner on my ribs? I heard them crack but then it could have been my insides frying."

Alriana nodded and then began working the scanner. "It doesn't look as if you have serious damage to your ribs, they are a bit bruised however. Other then that your injuries don't seem that severe. It looks like that dark jedi didn't do as much damage as he thought he did."

She smiled. "If I were a doctor I would suggest that you take a vacation after all of this is done."


You think you can send this to the Republic fleet and Admiral Belina?"

"As soon as we find Admiral Belina I fully intend to show her the data, however she was down on the planet during the attack and although we were in contact with her earlier we recently lost contact as well. I can however send this message out on a securied frequency to Republic fleet command."

Sith Warship

"Prove yourself."

Varith put his hand down by his lightsaber which was hooked to his belt and bowed to the sith before igniting his lightsaber and saluting him.

"How do you wish for me to prove myself? I can destroy any target you wish to send me against...or perhaps I could give you information about the jedi. I was a member of the order until they...wronged me."

Varith smiled. "Or perhaps I can slay a jedi for you to prove myself."
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