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"If anything your father and Tiye will be joining us but covering our flank," Tonatius replied. "Hang on."

With a tap of his boots, he sent the stallion galloping after his twin. It wouldn't take then long to reach Stone Bend. With a smile, he urged the stallion faster until it caught up with his brother and held a neck in neck pace.


Lady Governor Starlighter looked at the gathering of warriors. Many were coming from the other cities and villages and the tribes were heading out to meet them. She hoped her daughter was well as she looked over the troops with Belina. She said to the admiral, "We received a hail from the Wayfarer that they are coming and requesting permission to land. I gave them the order. You should try to make contact with the Ackbar."


Haruka nodded at the captain and replied, "Aye sir." He sent out a comm to the Ackbar, "Katarn to Ackbar, do you read?"


"As soon as we find Admiral Belina I fully intend to show her the data, however she was down on the planet during the attack and although we were in contact with her earlier we recently lost contact as well. I can however send this message out on a securied frequency to Republic fleet command."

Jun-la replied, "Admiral Belina was on the surface of Avalon. With the enemy ships gone, comm frequencies should be clear. Hail again."


"It doesn't look as if you have serious damage to your ribs, they are a bit bruised however. Other then that your injuries don't seem that severe. It looks like that dark jedi didn't do as much damage as he thought he did."

Tavaryn frowned a bit at that statement. He was relieved that it wasn't serious like the time on Geonosis where he actually broke a few ribs. His thoughts though were consumed by the dark Jedi. He replied, "He did call me a worthy opponent but that was only after I decided to tap into my powers."

He reached for his flight jacket, ignoring the tattered remains of his shirt and put the jacket on. At least it hid the bruises.

"If I were a doctor I would suggest that you take a vacation after all of this is done."

Tavaryn returned the smile with one of his own and replied, "Only if the company is pleasant."

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