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"Tell me everything, and then, if you can best my apprentice in combat, you will have earned your place. If not, you will die."

Varith looked over at Darth Inferna and then at her Master and nodded. "Very well...There are two codes needed to get into the temple after it is locked down for the night and there are four codes to get in after the temple has been locked down due to either an emergency or enemy attack. The two codes needed to get in after dark are Fierra-32 beta and Delta-362 gamma. I know three of the codes to get in after lockdown and I am in the process of getting the fourth code.

"There are two secret entrances that can be used to enter the temple from the lower levels of coruscant that the jedi are unaware of.

He turned back to look over at Inferna. "If you wish for me to tell you more in front of your apprentice then I will...if not...then tell me."

"Status is green Ackbar. Do you require assistance? We are going to send troops to the surface."

"Negative Katarn. We're about to dock with a station for repairs. As for the troops...begin sending them down as quickly as you can. I think they are needed at a place known as stone bend. I could be wrong though."

"You'll like it. It is the true meaning of serenity, at least I think."

Alriana smiled. "I look forward to seeing it with you. I would like to ask you a question however...what does the word moi chroi mean? I hope you don't take offense to me not knowing what it means."

"Wayfarer to Ackbar. Where are our coordinates?"

Koral opened up another comnlink, this one to the wayfarer. "I believe all troops are being sent to the location known as Stone Bend. I may be mistaken though."
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