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"Sir, Ackbar reports secure at dock and ground troops are ready for drop. Do I have your orders to proceed?"

"Yes. Begin launching dropships and tell them that the enemy may have unknown weapons. From what I heard, the enemy ships had powerful weapons and the ground troops may have them as well."

"The word moi chroi is an endearment and means, literally, 'my heart' and is only spoken if it is truly meant for it comes from the heart."

Alriana paused for a moment and slowly looked at Tavaryn. "Tavaryn...I...That was what I wanted to talk to you about after the battle on the surface. I...I...have been struggling to understand my feelings for nearly two years. And now...that I know what it means...I think I understand."

Alriana gently gripped his hand and slowly pulled Tavaryn closer to her and bowed her head. "I'm sorry...Tavaryn...for taking so long to understand my feelings."

"Admiral, this is Selene Ordo and she leads the clans on Amshrey. She will supply weapons arms, and troops for the assault."

Belina was about to speak when the first wave of dropships from the Ackbar appeared in the sky. She smiled. "It looks like my troops are just about ready to land."

She turned to the Lady Governor and smiled at her. "I can assure you that the men and woman under my command will glady help drive the sith away. I will instruct the leader of the first wave to report to Lady Selene for further orders.
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