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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Will you find it on Tatooine because that's certainly a "Sandman's" gun? Hopefully my life-clock won't run out before I find it.
Actually, it's the security guards' weapon for Rhen Var.

Just so people know what you mean by "I donít know if I can get it to fire quite like it did in the film," I've attached a picture to illustrate the effect.

(That darn thing did shoot out green flame in real life.) I hope you can get the muzzle flashes to cooperate though!
Yeah, I've tried this once already with no joy. I really need to try again. I'm not sure if you can create custom muzzleflashes, though. That would give the green fire, along with the proper shot colour.

Originally Posted by .:Lord Revan:. View Post
Thank you!

Originally Posted by bendarby24 View Post
will all this be tslrcm compatible and allso is stoney doing stuff with you to inprove your corasont mod because has done a landing clip on deadly streams and
Looks like Canderis beat me to pointing this out, but Coruscant is by deathdisco, and as much as I'd like to claim credit for his hard work, I can't.

As for TSLRCM, I don't know. I can't think that I'm modifying much that TSLRCM is, but if I am we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now, I make it four months since my last update. There's certainly plenty to say about what's happened in that time, not least in my life, so I've got less done than perhaps I'd have liked to.

With that said, I now have the OnDeath and spawning scripts for the Tatooine Arena functioning. What this means is that (a) if you die in the arena, it isn't game over (though you will have lost the arena fight), and (b) most of the enemies spawn in the right way. There's still a certain amount to do before the arena functions properly - not least, dialogues like the duel organiser's to write, and a lot of small, repetitive scripts - but things are now a lot closer.

On Rhen Var, there's still nothing much to show, though I may soon (for a given value of 'soon', anyway ) have some new areas to show off; it all depends on how quickly I can finish up some other stuff, and how life pans out over the next few months, of course.

I have now skinned the gun model I was showing off above. i'm not entirely happy with the skin, but it's better than it might have been:

As I said above, this is the weapon of the security officers on Rhen Var, so you'll see it a fair amount. I've not decided yet whether it will be available, though. Maybe as a reward for a quest. Also, as I said above, I haven't yet done anything about the colour of the blaster shot, or, if possible, changing the muzzle flash to green, and moving it so that the weapon fires more like the one in Sith Holocron's screen-grab.

The skin will do for now; I'm not entirely happy with it, but with a small, black and shiny object there's not that much detail that will show through anyway.

And on a bit of modding unrelated to either of my 'main' projects, I have a bit of a failure I thought I'd share with you:

It was an attempt to make a robe like the one worn by Starkiller at the start of TFU2. Unfortunately, it didn't go too well, not least because there are very few screenshots online which gave good reference for the thing. It's also annoying that the arms are the wrong shape, annoyingly. I may return to this at a later date, possibly with another model, but thought people might like to see it, anyway.

Share and Enjoy!
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