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"Right here, Lady Governor," Taryn shouted as he brought his stallion up close. He was followed by Tonatius and Kalla on their stallion.

Andorra's mother greeted them, "It is good to see you all. Now that we have word Lord Tristian is ready, we can proceed. Andorra, you, Taryn and Tonatius will join General Sayrn over by the river and I think Kalla and Lenatha should go as well. Lenatha and Kalla, General Sayrn needs people skilled with a blade, are you both up to the task?"


"Aye sir," Haruka replied. He turned to leave the bridge and head to the dropship. It was a short drop and he was on the ground quicker than he could execute a 180 in a fighter. He ordered his men to follow in search of the leading authority.

Along the way, he spotted someone that looked familiar. Smiling he walked up to him and said, "Didn't expect to see you again after we parted ways."


Tavaryn watched Alriana leave still feeling the touch of her hand in his before sighing and zipping up his flight jacket. He picked up his sword and lightsaber and attached them to their places on his belt and headed out of the ship. He took a moment to look over the landscape, ignoring the damaged city of Tyan-yu and instead taking in the scent and feeling of Avalon.

He was interrupted when a familiar voice interrupts, "Didn't expect to see you again after we parted ways."

Tavaryn smiled and replied, "Been awhile Haruka. I take it things have been going well?"

Haruka replied, "Yes sir Lt." He grinned knowing that Tavaryn outranked him.

"I agree Ensign," Tavaryn replied with the same humor. "I am reporting in to Belina. You and your men follow mine."

"Yes sir."

Tavaryn led his men and Haruka's to where Admiral Belina was and said, "Special Weapons instructor Tavaryn Onashi reporting for duty ma'am."

"Security officer for the Katarn, reporting in," Haruka added in.


Selene spotted Alriana and walked right up to her and said, "Glad you could join us Jedi. I hope you are ready for some action. How's your Shinigami?" She had asked the question with a knowing look.

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