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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Rinku View Post
Very nice updates!

The gun looks nice so far, the custom muzzle flash makes the gun very cool imo.

I like the attempt at the Starkiller robes, with a bit of work I could see those being very popular.
I don't know. They're... OK. But I'd hesitate to say they're much more than a glorified robe recolouring.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Awesome effects!!!
Thanks! Now all I need are the weapon models to give the effects to.

Originally Posted by TimBob12 View Post
Loving it a lot. Can't wait to get this
Thanks! I can't wait to release it.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Excellent work on the new muzzle flair and bolt! It seems even an old dog can learn new tricks
We-ell... I'm not ready to take on modelling new areas, but I'm not totally past it, either.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon
(God I hope so, or I am screwed....)
Aren't we all?

Originally Posted by TimBob12 View Post
Hes only been here 6 years... Don't beat the old guy down :P
Mmm? Where'd I leave my teeth?

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
^^^ TB12, he and I are about equally ancient And yes, he predates me here, as he did at the other forum where we came to know each other, and that makes him (or me) no less old
Once an '06 n00b, always an '06 noob.

Back on topic, DI, the right bicep and the left tricep is what I think you are referring to as the most problematic areas? It is odd that that one arm is obviously wacky in the front, whereas the other arm seems mostly to be wacky in the back.
Yeah, the biceps look really odd. I think for some reason they're mapped the opposite ways round using the same bit of texture... But also, down near the wrist is very odd (where the robe narrows toward the gloves), and the elbow is also very funny-looking... It's also just that this isn't a very good reskin, to be honest. It barely counts as a reskin, at that - mostly it's just some recolouring.

Two small updatelets, and that's your lot for this weekend. First, I've done a little tweaking to the 'Starkiller'/medical robe:

First pass on making the boots black rather than desaturated grey. Not sure how successful these are, and I also can't decide whether or not to make them shiny, though my instinct is not.

Here's a couple of shots of pseudo-Starkiller in action (with lightsabers and Dark Jedi from T7Nowhere's lightsaber six-pack mod):
Show spoiler

Secondly, I appear to have forgotten to post my most recent discovery about TSL. Namely, I was fiddling a while back with the swoop upgrade screen, and replace several of the missing parts with existing bits and pieces. I should point out, I have no idea at all how to make this work with the swoop in the races, or indeed at all. This is just research. But here's the pic:

The three HK's are the three upgrade slots; I'm not quite sure what the box above them is meant to be; I think it contains the description of the items. The box on the right contains the item list, from what I remember. As you can see, the basic layout is there, but the whole thing is pretty buggy and incomplete. Whether or not it's restoreable, I have no idea.

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