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Originally Posted by DamnYank View Post
I learned that the software adds a file called [SWLEGO.BIN] it is located in the folder where the executable is located. What I had found is that I could play it once but then no more, with Vista and Windows 7. Once I learned of this file I know delete this file prior to playing the game each time and all is right with the world.
@DamnYank - I have searched many forums about this problem. When we bought a new Windows 7 computer for my son, his Lego Star Wars game would load and work ONCE, then error-out after that. If we uninstalled and reinstalled, it worked ONCE again, etc.

This is the ONLY post I have actually found that resolved the issue. Now, he simply deletes that file before he launches the game and it works perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

A Very Happy Mom!
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