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Tonatius diplomatically intervened, "Perhaps Lenatha that your services as medic are needed as well. Field medics are usually skilled in some weapon use." He then leaned in close to whisper, "And she wants you to stay with her daughter."

The Lady Governor added, "Tonatius is correct. I have heard much of your medical expertise and I thank you in regards to my brother. Perhaps now your skills will be an even greater asset."


Selene looked at the Jedi with a look that Tavaryn knew too well. He saw that Selene was questioning Alriana's ability. Selene said nothing though and replied, "Then report in."

Tavaryn nodded and motioned for Alriana to follow. He found General Sayrn easily since he was very traditional in having his hair kept in the traditional warrior's queue. He greeted the general with the traditional warrior's grasp, "General, seasons have passed since we last met."

"Indeed they have General," Sayrn replied, "My understanding is that you will be leading Tristian's calvary."

"Yes, General." Tavaryn then introduced Alriana, "This is Jedi Alriana and will be riding with me."

Sayrn gave a similar look that Selene did but didn't relay his thoughts. Instead he said, "A Jedi from the Core Worlds. A long time since one has walked this world. An omen of good perhaps. I leave it to you to select mounts. Your usual is around somewhere," he finished with a gleam in his eye.

Tavaryn ended his conversation with a fist over his chest and led the way to the herd of stallions that had been brought along as extras by Tristian's men. He examined each one until he found one that suited him and led the animal away from the rest. It was already saddled so there was no need to do anythin. He held the leading rein out to Alriana and said, "I think this one will do. She's trained to charge but not as violent as the others though I believe some of the men call her crazy. Her name is Shayna." He stroked the animal's nose. "Go on and try her."

Some of the calvary from Lord Tristian's tribe saw them. One asked his friend who was strapping together a harness, "Is that who I think it is?"

The other looked up and looked. His eyes opened wide and he replied, "It can't be. Can it?"

A third, who was young asked, "Who?"

The first warrior replied, "That there is General Tavaryn Onashi. He's a legend among calavarymen. The only one said to have tamed a wyvern. If he is leading us, then we have a chance."

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